My cousins fiancé is studying to be a nurse and she said she was studying chlamydia in NJ and my county was number 5 and she was like so I have condoms to give out to you both or your friends and my mom and dad and uncle and my other cousin were in there room and all there faces has went stalk white and I just told my mom a week ago hat I was dating a girl so this is all very very awkward but I can’t stop laughing.


your tumblr is one of those things that you want everyone to see but at the same time you never want to show it to anyone

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Easter #ootd 🐰

My mom bought me elephant toms for Easter. This is a whole new level

Beautiful day for a beautiful hike ☀️☺️


Yay I get to hold Candy’s hand tomorrow (:

Yayayay today today today


The average person was a 1 in 18,000 chance of being murdered.

If the person is trans, that chance turns into 1 in 12 chance of being murdered.

Think about that for a moment. 

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